The Flavours of Mumbai

Zindagi do pal Ki- Life is just two moments long. #staylimitless

Namaste and welcome once again to my blog! Many of you said you enjoyed the last blog, but it made you hungry because of all the digital food I shared with you. So, I hope that this time you have your snacks ready because this one is about to be food heaven.

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Chaotic, mystifying, wonderful, crazy, fun and exciting are just a few words that describe Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. Previously known as Bombay, this city is mystically beautiful in every possible way. Mumbai is the financial and entertainment hub of India and is also known as the city of dreams. Trust me this place literally never sleeps, whether it be 11pm or 4am the city is bustling with noise. Mumbai is just the perfect blend of innovation and tradition.


Mumbai indeed has a series of architectural wonder. If you take a trip down to South Bombay in the Colaba area, you will witness many old school and Gothic type buildings from the British colonial era. One of the most beautiful places in Mumbai that I witnessed was the Gateway of India. It is an arch-shaped structure that was built in the 20th century and it is known to be the most iconic tourist spot of Mumbai. Opposite to the gateway is the magnificent Taj Mahal hotel, an important landmark of Mumbai.


As you all know I love food! I am addicted to trying new things especially when I am told that they have pepper. So, on my first day in Mumbai, I tried the oh so famous street food. Now, there are many different things you can try such as Vada Pav (A sandwich with a potato patty), Mumbai Bhel (Flaming hot cereal with a variety of chutneys), Chai (tea), Sev Puri, Pani Puri, and the most famous Mumbai sandwich. There are limitless options when it comes to street food.


The first thing I tried was the Pani- Puris, also known as Golgappa. These are round, fried sphere- shaped chips that hold boiled masala potato on the inside and then a tangy mint flavoured water is added to them. The bite-sized puris are poked with a hole, then stuffed with the masala (potato, aromatic spices and chickpeas) and then finally filled with the spicy water. This dish is to be eaten on the roadside immediately so that the puris don’t get soggy and the masala along with the water can tantalize your taste buds.  I ate 10 in total and I was still wanting for more!

Golgappa_Pani_Puri_India (1).jpg

The next thing I tried was called Vada Pav. This is the famous Mumbai vegetarian burger! It is native to the state of Maharashtra and can be found on any street corner in Mumbai. This popular snack consists of a deep -fried patty made of a mashed potato masala mixture and placed between a fluffy white bun with the addition of chutney for seasoning. You may think, a vegetarian burger? How boring! But this vegetarian burger will make you want more! The different flavours that tickle your tongue between that soft bun will be the highlight of your day. The best places to have Vada Pav are in the South of Mumbai (Dadar.) I have tried the same snack at a five -star restaurant and I hated it, the flavours were different and the bread wasn’t as fluffy as the one from the roadside. Yay street food!


Another thing I tried was the Mumbai Bhel which is flaming hot! Bhel is available at any street food corner and the vendors are called the bhelwallas. There are many variations to this snack it can be sweet, spicy or even just dry Bhel with no chutneys. It basically consists of puffed rice and sev (small noodle like crunchy grains made from chickpea flour) which are then combined with boiled potato, onions a variety of chutneys and even sometimes cilantro to garnish. This snack is appealing to the eyes, mouth and stomach! Once you start eating it you won’t want to stop. The flavoursome spices are just delectable to your palette.


The last thing I tried from the roadside was the Masala chai. In India, thousands of people drink Chai or need chai every single day. I hate tea, I would rather juice over tea any day! However, the masala chai got a hold of me as soon as I inhaled the scent of the different spices brewing in the pot. Usually, they brew the tea quite strong and then add lots of creamy milk and top it off with cardamom, ginger or even masala to give it an extra kick!


Aside from the food and architecture, Mumbai holds beautiful beaches and sceneries. There is a famous three- kilometre long road, from where the Arabian sea can be viewed, all from one side. This road, known as Marine Drive, is a curved shape and is titled ‘The Queens Necklace.’ Marine drive earned this title because the shape of the road, in the night, along with the beautiful lighting that appears to be diamonds reflect and portray a beautiful necklace.


With so many things to do and to witness, a visit to Mumbai is a must for every passionate traveller. Its captivating attraction and an incomparable charm are bound to make it difficult to leave Mumbai, once you have seen it. A trip to India will be truly incomplete without a visit to Mumbai!

So that’s all, for now, guys, stay tuned for more about my travels next time!


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